Communicate to Develop Accountability and Collaboration
Help your people understand how their contributions help solve problems and contribute to your organisation’s advancement. Knowing how and when their work can add value to the healthier whole will add meaning and value to their efforts.

What you will learn

To validate people’s efforts by effectively communicating their contributions are being noticed and not taken for granted
Develop accountability through the knowledge that they are making a difference to advance their organisation
Recognise and communicate how individual skills, behaviours and attributes are relevant and useful in order to build collaboration

Communicate to Develop Accountability and Collaboration Modules


Let people know where their capabilities best fit in your organisation and what their future holds
Communicate expectations on attaining milestones and how each person can contribute to achieving individual, team and organisational results
Maintain momentum through consistent, sustained communication of the end goal to keep people excited about the future and rewarded for making progress towards it


Motivate people as a strategy for successful performance and business success by developing a culture where everyone is accountable - from senior managers to team members
Divert from traditional ways of leading that have become predictable and uninspiring and move away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to more intuitive leadership to stimulate accountability and performance from an individual stand-point
Support accountability by providing insight into the impact of each person’s input and performance long-term


Maximise on individual strengths for optimum performance and collaboration
Inspire your people by letting them know their hard work makes a difference beyond profitability
Create wider reaching impact of collaboration - help people see beyond the obvious

Who this is for
Leaders who need to think differently and intuitively about how to keep their teams on track in an ever changing workplace terrain.

Benefits to your organisation
This masterclass will help your organisation to:

Enable your leaders to stay in touch and connected to individuals and teams
Earn trust, build loyalty and stimulate individual and team performance
Build a collaborative workforce that has capacity and capability to deliver high performance


To help you get the most from the Masterclass you will receive an exercise to help you prepare and to get into the best mindset.

Your Post Programme Commitment
You bring back tools, techniques and confidence that comes from practical experience, and the knowledge that you’ve already applied your new skill in a real workplace scenario, together with a personalised action plan of how you will apply this to your work.

Optional Extra
‏Reinforce your learning with follow-up post programme coaching based on a video recording focused on key aspects of the programme and your performance.

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