Development Design Delivery
Develop your message, explore design and delivery skills that will hugely improve the impact you make.

What you will learn

Discover how to create a talk or presentation that delivers the message you want
Review different ways of designing your content to make it come alive
Play with different language, tone and movement to see how these can enhance your impact

Development Design Delivery Modules

Developing your Message - Planning and Preparation

Identifying Clear Objectives
Structuring your presentation with the end in mind
The message - quality over quantity - what holds an audience’s attention and what sends them to sleep

Designing your Message Structure Clearly

Headlines - Introductions with impact
Body - using persuasive language
Closing - driving your message home

Delivering your Message

Presence - learn how to energise and create a compelling physical presence
Vocal skills - Develop methods of breathing which will drive and strengthen your voice
Pausing and emphasis to add impact - Learn to use silence and timing

Who this is for
People who need to make an impact in their presentation.

Benefits to your organisation
This masterclass will help your organisation to:

Give your people the communication skills required to deliver their messages with impact
Build a workforce of speakers who develop natural confidence through simple strategies
Develop people to become more effective, memorable and compelling in their communication


To help you get the most from the Masterclass you will receive an exercise to help you prepare and to get into the best mindset.

Your Post Programme Commitment
You bring back tools, techniques and confidence that comes from practical experience, and the knowledge you’ve already applied your new skill in actual presentation together with a personalised action plan of how you will apply this in your next presentation.

Optional Extra
‏Reinforce your learning with follow-up post programme coaching based on a video recording focused on key aspects of the programme and your performance.

To find out more about our Masterclasses get in touch with Carmel on 07948 525183 or

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