We use the principles of Immersive Theatre to create an experience into which you are plunged.

You’ll play a key role, whether that’s at our ‘Spy Training Camp’ where you’ll prepare for an undercover assignment or our ‘Detective Convention’ where you’ll be solving a major crime or at our ‘Theatre School’ where you’ll produce, direct and if you choose, perform your very own short play. Click on the links below to learn more.

Agents of Change: Spy Training Mission   AGENTS OF CHANGE: SPY TRAINING MISSION
Agents of Change: Spy Training Mission is our Change Management Programme, designed to hone your skills in using your resources to think and act quickly in pressure situations... learn more
Sleuth of the Year Detective Convention   SLEUTH OF THE YEAR DETECTIVE CONVENTION
Sleuth of the Year Detective Convention
is our Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Programme, where you will race against time to deconstruct a crime scene... learn more
The Story Project   THE STORY PROJECT
The Story Project is our Communications Programme designed to take your communication skills to a new level. You will create a stage-worthy story and bring it to ‏life, and crucially keep it alive right up to the performance... learn more

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Each Month we feature the benefits of different dramatic interventions and their application within the workplace