Language Standards Empowerment: They All Matter
Make full use to derive benefits from these valuable resources.

What you will learn

The power of language in customer interactions
Develop individual and team approaches to delivering consistent standards of excellence in customer experiences
Empower yourself and others to deviate when new approaches are required

Language Standards Empowerment: They All Matter Modules


It is extremely easy to say the right thing but to say it wrong: Role-play different ways of saying things
Improvise scenarios to actively work on language used in customer interactions relevant to you
Strive to keep it fresh: It may be your one hundredth day on the job but it may be the first interaction your customer has with your organisation


Role-play different customer needs to explore delivering different ways of dealing with these - the good, the bad and the ugly
Learn to work in teams to ensure you have each other’s back and the customers to ensure a consistent comfortable, welcoming, hospitable experience
Aspire to keep your attitude fresh to match your customer’s needs and expectations. Remember your hundredth day on the job and what worked before may not be the best approach today


Recognise there can’t be a standard for every eventuality and know when you need to deviate
Develop confidence in your own autonomy to use a different approach
Identify ways to instil confidence in your team’s autonomy to consistency develop new standards when required

Who this is for
Customer Service professionals who aspire to creating excellent customer service experiences.

Benefits to your organisation
This masterclass will help your organisation to:

Develop awareness of the power of language within your workforce and the subtleties that make a difference
Consistently improve standards of Customer Service within your organisation
Empower autonomy within individuals and teams to take ownership for providing the best approach needed to meet customer needs


To help you get the most from the Masterclass you will receive an exercise to help you prepare and to get into the best mindset.

Your Post Programme Commitment
You bring back tools, techniques and confidence that comes from practical experience, and the knowledge that you’ve already applied your new skill in a real workplace scenario, together with a personalised action plan that will immediately impact your ability to enhance your customers experience.

Optional Extra
‏Reinforce your learning with follow-up post programme coaching based on a video recording focused on key aspects of the programme and your performance.

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