OPEN Courses

Our Open Courses give you the opportunity to undertake learning away from the spotlight of your work environment. They allow you to explore, challenge and develop your own communication style in a safe, creative, sociable, fun and oftentimes quirky environment.


Learn The Art of Great Presentations through Story and Performing Arts Skills.

Imagine a place filled with brilliant stories and great presentations.

In our Open Courses you will gain exclusive insights from our team of writers, actors and directors (The Players), who will work with you to help you find your story, bring it to life, and keep it alive throughout your presentation.

You will go on a voyage of discovery that will unleash new ideas, inspire, inform and enhance your ability to tell a great story that will transform your presentations.

You will draw on classic storytelling methods and structures from literature to film and theatre. You will learn the following 6 Skills and Techniques:

1. How to use Dramatic Story Structure to shape a presentation that creates an experience for your audience.

2. To develop the Beginning Middle and End of your stories, to draw people in, hold their interest and enthral with a strong finish.

3. Vocal Skills that Performing Artists use to bring stories alive and keep them alive to the end of their performance.

4. Movement Techniques that create great Presence: An art form that can be accredited to great performing artists from the moment they enter the stage.

5. To increase your Self-Awareness: Taking ownership of the things you’re naturally good at and recognising the small changes you can introduce that will have your audience hanging on your every word.

6. To sharpen and fine tune your Powers of Observation to enable breakthroughs in your learning and development.

And of course you’ll meet some great folk and hear lots of interesting stories along the way.

This Open Course culminates with participants giving a short presentation to their audience.

Building a tool box of skills and techniques will enable you to give high-impact presentations.

Gaining insight to recognise gaps and points that can be strengthened will give you the ability to take a good presentation and make it great.

Learning to identify the single purpose for your presentations, the one principle that is most central to what you want to accomplish will empower you to tell a story that brings your presentation to life.

People who want to advance their communication skills to inspire and influence.

The design, development and delivery of our Open Courses is a collaboration between Learning and Development Professionals and Artists (Players) to include: Actors, Writers, Directors, Poets, Musicians, Dancers, Photographers and Film Makers.

We are all passionate about storytelling, and as storytellers we recognise how truly great stories and presentations live on in the hearts and minds of our audiences. We believe everyone has an innate storytelling ability, and by taking a personalised approach to understanding people and their uniqueness we help people discover their voice.

Yes, we create unique settings to stimulate environments conducive to meaningful learning.

In the morning you’ll be on set at a Bookshop. This is because Bookshops are creative spaces which serve to enrich and nourish our minds. Lives are transformed on a daily basis throughout the aisles by books and their ability to inform, entertain and inspire.

Why is that important?
This unique setting brings together the magic of the written and spoken word as a place to explore and discover your unique storytelling voice.

In the afternoon you’ll be on set at a Bar (Same venue, we create a different setting). This is because Bars are friendly, social places, that’s a FACT, but something else really important happens when you’re in a bar: You tell stories to your friends (or strangers!) and when you do, you discover you’re a natural born storyteller.

Why is that important?

Because you use really direct language (no jargon), and you make sure what you’re saying is entertaining and engaging.

These experiences show that we all have an innate sense of what makes a good story, but we tend to forget that a great presentation is simply a great story and we can also at times struggle to express our natural and true self.

To help you get the most from the workshop you will receive a simple exercise to help you prepare and to get into the best mindset.

You'll have gained tools, techniques and confidence that comes from practical experience, along with the knowledge that you’ve already applied your new skills designing, developing and delivering your story and presentation. You will have a personalised action plan that will immediately impact your ability to create great presentations.


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