Productive Conversations: Listen Empathise Communicate
Develop a person centred Project Management style to shape productive interactions with project stakeholders, team members, and end users. Looking at the behaviours of interaction, how to improve your own communication to get your message through to all audiences.

What you will learn

How to understand what is being communicated beyond the words being spoken
How to recognise and prepare yourself for each of the 7 core emotions
How to use the core values of your audience to communicate your message and discover your own motivating value

Productive Conversations Modules


Learn how to be present in the moment to give the speaker your complete attention
Recognise key words in the conversation to decipher the conversation subtext and understand the complete message
Explore body language to help give keys to how the speaker is feeling during your interaction


Explore the 7 core emotions, how to recognise them and prepare yourself so your message does not get lost
Learn how to provide feedback, summarising the speaker’s content
Recognise how your own body language betrays hidden messages and learn how to use your own gestures to convey understanding and attention


Examine the core values of your audience, those workplace motivators, and how best to communicate your message to each for maximum impact
Learn how to observe and identify these values whilst interacting and use the appropriate communication style
Recognise your own core value and communication style

Who this is for
Project Managers and Project team members who need to communicate effectively and productively and shape project conversations towards a positive and inclusive outcome.

Benefits to your organisation
This masterclass will help your organisation to:

Create a culture of active listening
Hold productive and constructive meetings by choosing the right conversation at the right time
Communicate core messages in a way that motivates across the organisation


To help you get the most from the Masterclass you will receive an exercise to help you prepare and to get into the best mindset.

Your Post Programme Commitment
You bring back tools, techniques and confidence that come from practical experience, and the knowledge that you’ve already applied your new skill in a real workplace scenario, together with a personalised action plan that will immediately impact your communication capabilities and lead to constructive and productive project conversations.

Optional Extra
‏Reinforce your learning with follow-up post programme coaching based on a video recording focused on key aspects of the programme and your performance.

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