‏‏The Story Project
‏ ‏The Story Project is our Communications Programme designed to take your communication skills to a new level. You will create a stage-worthy story and bring it to ‏life, and crucially keep it alive right up to the performance.

What you will learn
You will work with our players to devise and develop a story, bring it to life from conception through to being performed on the stage. In 2 days you will:

‏Explore images, ideas, language and events that will hold the attention of a live audience
‏Discover your own voice and style to structure a story that is stage worthy
Play with the quick, powerful, free, refreshing, natural, collaborative, energising, entertaining, persuasive, moving (and many more) elements of ‏storytelling to become a great communicator

You will be immersed into the world of creating theatre. ‏‏Throughout the two days you will work with the players to learn and develop the following skills and abilities:

Explore the theme: to play with ideas you want to develop
Get to know your characters: by understanding their past to help shape their future
Work with them to develop narrative and dialogue: by considering their points of view
Observe how relationships develop: along with the setting and the impact this has on your story
Consider the different kinds of narration unfolding to develop the language you want to use
Work on developing a beginning, a middle and an end: by finding a central event
Sitting in the directors chair: use your voice to bring structure and allow your ‏players to shape your vision, look for conflict and tension to add heat and light
Decide on the performance vocabulary that best tells your story: to add the finishing touches
Move on to think about how you’re going to stage your production: bringing your personal style to create the right theatrical environment
Work with your ‏players: to maintain freshness and spontaneity right up to performance

Who this is for
People who need to make an impact in their communication.

Benefits to your organisation
This Corporate Event will help your organisation to:

‏Enable managers and leaders to use the power of storytelling to inspire and engage their audience
‏Develop a culture of storytellers using theatrical expertise to hone their skills
‏Use storytelling as a key leadership technique to help make sense of your organisation, the business you’re in and the journey you’re on

To help you get the most from this Corporate Event you will receive an exercise to help you prepare and to get into the best mindset.

Your Post Programme Commitment:
‏You bring back tools, techniques and confidence that comes from practical experience, and the knowledge that you’ve already applied your new skills in an immersive ‏world of creating theatre, together with a personalised action plan that will immediately impact your communication skills.

Optional Extra
Reinforce your learning with follow-up post programme coaching based on a video recording focused on key aspects of the programme and your performance.

To find out more about our Story Project Event get in touch with Carmel on 07948 525183 or carmel@evolvingcareersplayers.com

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