Theatre provides an extremely powerful and cathartic experience for its audience. Powerful plays penetrate people’s hearts and minds, resulting in a sustaining effect on behaviour, attitudes and performance.

Business Theatre

Business Theatre is a theatrical production written following research into organisational challenges and desired outcomes. A live performance mirrors reality, and is an excellent way of communicating issues directly with those watching. The plays form the centrepiece of learning and development stimulating discussion and debate.

Conference Theatre
Conference Theatre helps you get your message across at events and challenge the status quo. Using a combination of dramatised scenarios, masterclass modules, comedy sketches, and improvised game shows, bring issues to life to spark debate and make your messages meaningful, memorable, and entertaining.

Forum Theatre
In Forum Theatre, a difficult situation or dilemma is performed live by our players for the participants to experience first-hand. They then have the opportunity to change the behaviour of the characters in the scene, to try to get a better outcome to resolve the dilemma. Different tactics are explored to allow possible outcomes to be compared.

Invisible Theatre
Invisible Theatre involves hiding the use of players. This is particularly useful for customer service training because it allows participants to take part without realising: for example at the arrival of an event, players in character can provide initial bad service, setting the scene to provoke spontaneous responses.

Role Play Theatre
Role Play Theatre can be pre-written to provide a challenge that is typical for the participants job role or can be devised by the players and participants together. Providing realistic challenges to stretch their abilities, participants can experiment with newly learned skills and get direct feedback on how they’re doing.

Who This is For
A whole range of people working at different levels in your organisation.

Benefits to your Organisation

Theatre performances allows you to reach bigger audiences encouraging engagement and empathy
Theatre has the power to communicate complex social messages and create understanding
Issues can be presented in a way that brings meaning to diversity at all levels in your organisation

Optional Extra
Reinforce your learning with follow-up post programme coaching based on a video recording focused on key aspects of the programme and performances.

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